Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alright so I couldnt help but try to spread the word about this because it is another source to legally even if its from questionable sources.. legally expand your mp3 collection via one of the biggest sources on the internet; myspace.

Look thousands of bands post Mp3s on it... And Fanboys will put up More. use MyspaceMp3 to search The Entire site in a clean interFace give it a shot before it gets closed down. lol

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Future of Nekst Song

The forthcoming backtrack will also be the last entry that I will do for NekstSong.
I have decided this because I feel right now is an appropriate area to end our musical exploration. Particularly because the music that most interests me the most, the genre I have explored, is a dead end. There is nothing new coming out of Illinois that is like this stuff. Sure the Kinsellas still play, and so does Davey and Bob Nanna, but it isn't the same.

College is starting soon as well.

We will see. I may start another band profiling project, or hop on a more successful one.
There are many other sites like my own, as I have come to find.
These sorts of things will be posted.
Free lance.

Check it out.

The Promise Ring- Best Looking Boys

Monday, May 07, 2007

Backtrack: The Promise Ring

This is one of the most monumental bands that has shaped the now defunct genre that I love so much. I know I have written about them, but that was merely an overview in comparison to how deep I'm going to get. I know more now. And I will bless you all with my learnings.
The Promise Ring.

Take a listen. This is my 2nd favorite song.

The Promise Ring- The Deep South.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Recap: Piebald Live

Tonight I got to see one of my favorite bands ever. One of the founders of the genres of music which I love, and the only one that is still around. I didn't know they were still together, let alone, released a CD a month or two ago.


I had learned about the show when I went and saw Fear Before The March of Flames and Heavy Heavy Low Low. I was surprised to see the lineup, let alone Piebald. They played with MC Chris. He is a rapper who huffed helium and raps for cartoons. The crowd was really .. Divided. You could tell who was there for who. MC Chris had the bigger fan base there, even though Piebald headlined.

You could just tell by looking at them. MC Chris nerds. Aquateen fanatics.

MC Chris had people raise their hands if they loved weed. You could tell the guys who were there for piebald cause our hands wernt up.

Someone defiantly yelled "Piebald!".

The first two opener bands were surprisingly good.. Especially the second one The House of Fools. They had an amazing classic rock sound, and even did a Floyd cover. I'm working on getting the CD, and keeping an eye on them in the future. Theyre touring with He is Legend, but they think they're dropping the tour before it comes back up here. Nice stuff. The first band was some month old band out of Portland. The lead singer had some serious talent, and they did pretty good considering the circumstances.

All the MC Chris fools left after he was done. His act was funny, but anyone who payed just to see him is a moron who doesn't appreciate music.

Piebald was amazing. Period. I was front and center and knew all the words to all the songs except the new ones of their new CD, (not that good.) There was like 5 people around me like me. The .. 30 or so people who came for Piebald, and stayed for Piebald, was the liveliest group I've ever been apart of. Jumping pushing, singing. True fans clearly. It was the funnest set of my life. Andrew got decked.

The concert as a whole was on par with the He Is Legend/ Fall of Troy show.

They played all the songs I wanted to hear except "Watch her Flow" and "King of the Road". They had a real good feel of the songs people wanted to hear though. They encored with a ACDC cover, accompanied by MC Chris and they guys from House of Fools. Impressive.

Then I got the guys to sign my hat, cause they're Boston boys, it's a Boston hat, and I'm a sick fan boy. Love Piebald. All of this with a Sharpie I literally stole from MC Chris and his manager. lol In front of them.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Listen to Music

You listen to good music if you can answer this question off the top of your head:

Who is your favorite Kinsella?

Updates soon. I have alot of stuff to do. Like College. All of it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nada Surf

In light of the domain controversy, here's a long awaited update.

Nada Surf is an indie-rock band that a friend of mine introduced me to.
Get this they're from New York.
Guess we're back to the east coast.

I really can't say much about them personally because I have only listened to their "Let Go" album. This album is pretty good, with two songs in particular standing out clearly. Try to take a listen to "Blizzard of '77" and "The Way You Hold Your Head".

Their Second album got them airplay with the song "Popular". This single put them in the light and got them to the Billboard top 200. They signed a deal with Elektra records, who dropped them very quickly because nothing on their 1998, "Proximity Effect" album stuck out to them.

The band released it over in Europe and hit it big.

Their most recent release "The Weight is a Gift" was put out in 2005.

Nada Surf- Blonde on Blonde
off of their Let Go album. I suggest this one solely because I've heard it.

Nada Surf- The Blankest Year
Here is some off of their newest album, however this doesn't have my approval..

Death Cab fans should jump all over this.

I don't know what is in store for next time.


In respects to this site, no one has received a cease and desist letter from any music company whatsoever. NekstSong is a legal service. The NekstSong.Com redirect is consistently false due to the aforementioned childishness and irresponsibility. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


As of recent, NekstSong is undergoing a domain name struggle at the moment.

Our old subdomain still works, so hold in there.